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Newham College is committed to exhibiting best practice in all aspects of corporate governance. The College’s governing body is known as Newham College Corporation.

Newham College was incorporated as a Further Education corporation by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. The statutory Instrument and Articles of Government set out the responsibilities of the Corporation and the Principal and provides the framework within which the Corporation must operate.

The Corporation comprises 18 members including the Principal, two student members and one staff member.

Our external governors are drawn from a wide variety of community, business and professional interests and contribute their collective experience and skills to the Corporation in a non-executive capacity. They are people who are very successful in areas other than further education, and this enables them to bring a broader perspective to the leadership and set the strategic direction of the College.

The main responsibilities of the Corporation include:

The Clerk to the Corporation is responsible for the preparation of agenda and papers; for ensuring that meetings are minuted and that the Governing Body and its Committees operate within the requirements of the Instrument & Articles of Government.

Newham College is committed to open and transparent governance. Enquiries are welcome to Judith Nelson, Clerk to the Corporation at clerk.corporation@newham.ac.uk