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Feedback & Complaints

The College is committed to providing you with the best possible service. If you have a complaint, please tell us so we can put it right.

The College seeks to redress any student complaint fairly and in a timely manner. This process has been developed to ensure that complaints, compliments and suggestions are listened to and dealt with in a timely, sensitive and appropriate manner.

Before sending a formal written complaint, learners are encouraged to discuss issues with their teacher, trainer, assessor or a student advisor first. Any member of staff receiving a verbal complaint should attempt to resolve this informally and/or with a relevant local manager. This informal resolution is outlined in the Student Handbook.

Learner Voice may also be contacted via Learner Reps or a Student Parliament student in recording suggestions, complaints or compliments.

Step 1: Lodging of a complaint

If your complaint has not been resolved informally, the complainant should email a formal complaint to complaints@newham.ac.uk or pick up and complete a complaints form from the Admissions office at either East Ham or Stratford campuses. The form is also available to download.

Learners can ask a friend, family member, member of the Student Parliament or Course Learner representative to help them fill in this form but it should be made clear that they have had assistance for recording purposes.

Receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 days.

Step 2: Investigation & decision

The form will be logged, allocated to the relevant manager and monitored for resolution by the Quality Administrator to ensure compliance of resolution in a timely fashion.

An investigating manager will be appointed whose role is to review and discuss the complaint in detail and provide a formal written response to the complainant within 20 days of submission of the complaint.

The possible outcomes from formal complaint investigations include:

Step 3: Appeal (if necessary)

In the event that a complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, they must appeal the decision within two weeks of receipt of the final outcome and resolution, stating your reasons for lodging an appeal.

The matter will be referred back to the Vice Principal for Quality and assigned to a more senior manager who will carry out a thorough investigation in an attempt to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Copies of all documentation will be sent to the appointed senior manager and the complainant will be informed of developments. The decision of the Appeal is final.

Potentially vexatious complaints can be dismissed at this stage by the appointed member of the College Leadership Team (CLT). We aim to complete all investigations into complaints and appeals within 28 working days.

For college learners studying on a Higher Education course, there is a separate policy and process.

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