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Applied Science

Dive into the World of Practical Science at Newham College

Tailored Courses Designed to Unleash Your Scientific Potential

Take the leap into a captivating journey of discovery with our Applied Sciences courses at Newham College. We believe in a hands-on approach, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application in biology, chemistry, and physics. Our courses are crafted to equip you with the essential skills to address real-world challenges across a spectrum of industries. With the introduction of new T-level qualifications, we’re taking practical training a notch higher, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the evolving scientific landscape.

Featured Courses

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Why Choose Newham College for Applied Science?

Course Offerings

Broad Spectrum of Sciences: Delve into biology, chemistry, and physics with a curriculum designed to provide a well-rounded understanding and practical skills.

T-Level Qualifications: Embark on specialised training with our new T-level courses, offering a blend of classroom learning and industry experience.

Career Prospects

Studying Applied Science at Newham College could open up the following careers to you:

Laboratory TechnicianEnvironmental ConsultantResearch ScientistQuality Control Analyst
Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeFood InspectorBiomedical EngineerChemical Technician

Ready to turn your scientific curiosity into actionable skills?