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Supported Learning

Nurturing Potential, Fostering Independence: Supported learning at Newham College

Personalised Learning Pathways for Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

At Newham College, we embrace a nurturing ethos, providing a conducive learning environment for individuals with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). Our specialised SEND department is dedicated to tailoring a supportive educational journey that aligns with each student’s unique needs, fostering a foundation for self-reliance and community integration.

Why Choose Newham College for Supported Learning?

Program Offerings

Our support program paves the way for higher education, further training, employment, and inclusive community participation, meticulously crafted to meet the aspirations of our learners.

We provide foundational vocational qualifications, aiding students in stepping confidently onto the path of employment or advanced education.

Application Process

Our professional assessments before and after enrolment ensure that we understand the distinct needs of each learner, allowing us to provide the optimal support and educational pathway.

Smooth Transition: From initial inquiries to enrolment, we strive for a seamless transition into the Newham College community, ensuring that every SEND learner feels welcomed, understood, and well-placed in their chosen course of study.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative educational journey tailored to meet your unique needs and goals?