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Policing and Uniformed Services

Forge Your Path in Policing & Uniformed Services at Newham College

Embark on a Rewarding Career in Public Service

Newham College’s Public Services study programme is meticulously crafted to open a realm of opportunities in the diverse sectors of Policing, Law Enforcement, Armed Forces, and other Uniformed Services. Our curriculum is focused on honing transferable skills that are crucial for thriving in these dynamic and demanding fields. Are you ready to embody dedication, discipline, and teamwork? Your journey towards a fulfilling career in public services begins here.

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Why Choose Newham College for Policing and Uniformed Services?

Course Offerings

Holistic Curriculum: Delve into a range of topics that are pivotal for a successful career in public services, including law enforcement principles, emergency response protocols, and military discipline.

Physical Fitness Training: Undergo rigorous physical training to meet the fitness standards required in policing and uniformed services.

Career Prospects

Studying Policing and Uniformed Services at Newham College could open up the following careers to you:

Police OfficerMilitary PersonnelFirefighter
ParamedicSecurity OfficerPrison Service Officer

Ready to uphold the values of discipline, dedication, and duty?