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Adult Skills – The Essentials

Welcome to Newham College’s Essential Skills for Adults Hub: Your Gateway to Success!

In today’s fast-paced world, mastering essential skills like reading, writing, and maths is crucial for your personal and professional growth.

Your Journey Begins Here:

Whether you’re starting a new career, seeking personal development, or preparing for further studies, Newham College’s Essential Skills for Adults programme is your starting point for success. Join us in building a strong foundation that empowers you to face the future with confidence.

Enrich your life through learning. Explore the possibilities with Newham College’s Essential Skills for Adults programme today!

Course Offerings

At Newham College, we recognise the vital role that essential skills play in your journey towards success. Our Essential Skills for Adults programme is specially designed to cater to your individual needs, providing a supportive and engaging environment for learners from all walks of life.

Why Choose Newham College for your essential skills?

Benefits of Mastering your Essential Skills:

Career Opportunities: Enhance your employability and access a wider range of job prospects.

Boost Confidence: Gain the confidence to tackle everyday tasks effortlessly, whether it’s managing finances or communicating effectively in professional settings.

Further Education: Open doors to higher education and specialised training programmes, paving the way for continuous personal and professional growth.

Adult skills

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Adult Essential Skills Open Day – Thursday 21 March