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Construction & Skilled Trades

Construct Your Future with Newham College

Building Skilled Professionals for the Infrastructure of Tomorrow

Embark on a career path that leaves a tangible mark on the world. At Newham College, our Construction & Skilled Trades courses are designed to mould adept professionals whose expertise contributes to erecting awe-inspiring structures. From schools and skyscrapers to sports stadiums, your skills could be showcased globally. Our bespoke, well-equipped facilities offer an immersive learning environment where theory meets practical application, setting the foundation for a thriving career in construction and other skilled trades.

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Why Choose Newham College for Construction & Skilled Trades?

Course Offerings

Diverse Curriculum: Our curriculum encompasses a broad range of skills including electrical, plumbing, and structural work, preparing you for varied careers within the construction and skilled trades sector.

Real-World Work Experience: Embark on practical work experiences that not only enrich your learning but also provide a glimpse into the real-world challenges and opportunities in the construction domain.

Career Prospects

Studying Construction & Skilled Trades at Newham College could open up the following careers to you:

Construction ManagerElectricianPlumberCarpenter
Civil EngineerArchitectural TechnicianSurveyorHVAC Technician

Are you ready to build a robust career in Construction & Skilled Trades?