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Early Years and Childcare

Nurturing Future Minds at Newham College

Embark on a Rewarding Career in Childcare and Early Years

Passion for nurturing young minds is a calling. At Newham College, we offer tailor-made courses in Childcare & Early Years, aimed at individuals dedicated to shaping the foundational years of children. Whether it’s managing a nursery, engaging in education, or venturing into social services, our courses are your gateway to a gratifying career.

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Why Choose Newham College for Early Years and Childcare?

Course Offerings

Diverse Learning Paths: Whether your goal is to work in education, manage a nursery, or pursue a career in social services, our courses provide the knowledge and skills required to excel.

Holistic Understanding: Gain a well-rounded understanding of childcare, learning how to support children during their most formative years.

Career Prospects

Studying Early Years and Childcare at Newham College could open up the following careers to you:

Nursery ManagerEarly Years Educator
Child Welfare OfficerSpecial Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Ready to make a positive impact on young lives?