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T Levels for Employers

T-Levels have been developed to make students and employers’ lives easier. With businesses taking part, they help shape the students skill sets that employers will need for the future. 

It is mandatory and essential for each T-Level to have to have industry placements. This gives the students opportunities to learn and develop new skills. They can use the valuable information they learn in the classroom and apply it to their practice – becoming informative and advantageous in the workplace.

If the students have a longer duration with the placements, this means that they will learn and understand the crucial elements needed to work in the sector. Employers will be able to educate the students so they are job ready. As a result of this, students will have a more stable employment pathway with the specific course they have chosen.T Level students will spend a minimum of 315 hours over 45-50 days with employers in a role directly relevant to their course. Each T-Level is equivalent in size to 3 A levels and helps young people develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to thrive in the workplace.

Why Choose Newham College?

We have built and formed excellent relationships with London’s leading employers. During students’ industry placements, they earn valuable experience – helping them become more confident in the working world.

Our placements help local young people from different backgrounds to get a start in the workplace. From supporting T-Levels you help young people gain confidence and workforce experience, helping your industry grow while also giving students a platform to showcase their skills.


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