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Since 2018, we have consistently been ranked as one of London’s Top Performing FE Colleges. We are one of Newham’s largest education employers, with over 400 dedicated staff. We’re committed to serving our diverse communities. Ensuring that learners of all ages and backgrounds thrive under our guidance.

Join the 92% of staff who are proud to call Newham College their home. Discover your role and impact, just like the 94% who understand their contribution to our college’s goals. Embrace the bright future ahead with 85% of us agreeing that Newham College is on the path to greatness. At our vibrant institution, education takes centre stage, as echoed by 80% of our team. Feel valued and appreciated – over 70% of our staff do! Empowerment is key: 86% of us have the authority to excel in our roles.

Ready to take the first step towards a fulfilling career at Newham College?