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Information For Parents & Carers

Helping the young person you care for gain the necessary skills and knowledge in order to progress into their chosen employment route.

Newham College provides that vital link between the school environment and the adult world of university and work. We are here to help our students make the transition from one world of learning, to the next.

We encourage them to think for themselves, take responsibility for their own learning and generally become more independent. We aim to offer greater freedom within a structured environment where learning is accessible and enjoyable for all.

Each student’s progress is regularly monitored and everyone has access to a range of academic and pastoral support teams, who can help them adapt to the new environment.

We recognise that this strong support network should continue in all areas of our student’s lives. If you support a Newham College student – socially, emotionally, financially, or in any other way then you are welcome to talk to us directly.

“Students receive high-quality careers education, advice and guidance.”

– Ofsted 2023

Parents’ Portal

If you are a parent/carer to a 16-18 year old, you can have access to performance indicators including attendance, progress reviews and target grades.

Learn more about eTrackr and register to keep updated on your child’s/ward’s progress.

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