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Higher Education – Engineering

Ignite Your Engineering Career with Newham College’s HNC and HND Programme for the UK!

Your gateway to becoming a versatile and highly skilled professional, perfectly aligned with the evolving demands of the UK engineering sector.

Welcome to your pathway to success in the heart of the UK’s engineering sector at Newham College. Our Higher Nationals in general engineering, manufacturing, and electrical/electronic engineering open doors to becoming skilled professionals, highly sought-after in the dynamic UK engineering field. Join us to shape your success in engineering.

HNC/HND in General Engineering

Skills Mastery: Acquire essential skills, knowledge, and understanding for top-tier performance in the UK engineering and manufacturing environment, setting the foundation for a successful career.

Versatility & Leadership: Develop an inquiring mind and gain the confidence to lead, manage, respond to change, and tackle complex engineering situations within the UK industry.

Career-Focused: Strike a perfect balance between employability skills and essential knowledge, whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur, employee, or academic achiever in the UK.

HNC/HND in Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Specialisation: Focus on core skills specifically for careers in UK manufacturing engineering, ensuring you are well-prepared for success in this specialised field.

Career-Focused Skills: Strike the perfect balance between employability skills and essential knowledge, catering to your aspirations, be it entrepreneurship, employment, or academia.

Your UK Manufacturing Future: Upon completion, you’ll possess a profound understanding of principles in your area, ready to apply them extensively. Be prepared to perform effectively, shaping the future of manufacturing engineering in the UK.

HNC/HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrifying Careers: Focus on core skills tailored for UK roles in electrical and electronic engineering, ensuring you’re well-prepared for success in this specialised field.

Skills Mastery: Acquire essential skills for peak performance in UK engineering, laying a robust foundation for a thriving career.

Level 4/5 Achievement: Propel into UK-specific areas of electrical and electronic engineering at Level 6 or immediate employment, armed with qualities for personal responsibility and decision-making.

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