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London Multiply Programme

Your Path to Numeracy Confidence and Skills!

Unlock Your Potential with Free, Fully Funded Courses Designed for Adults in London

Numeracy skills are essential for navigating life and work successfully. Whether it’s managing finances, assisting children with homework, advancing in education, or accessing better job opportunities, numeracy is at the core of it all.

With Multiply, you can:

Boost Confidence: Gain the confidence to tackle numerical challenges with ease.

Money Management: Learn to navigate financial matters, from budgeting to understanding mortgages and interest rates.

Support for Children: Equip yourself to assist your children with their math homework effectively.

Enhanced Employment Prospects: Open doors to better job opportunities with improved numeracy skills.

Workplace Proficiency: Develop essential numerical skills for the workplace, including data handling, statistics, and proficiency in Microsoft Excel.

Career Progression: Strengthen your position in the workforce by honing your numeracy abilities.

Gain Qualifications: Earn valuable qualifications to enhance your CV and broaden your prospects.

Eligibility: If you’re 19 or older, reside in London, have the right to live and work in the UK, and lack a GCSE Grade 4/C or equivalent, seize this opportunity to unlock your potential.

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Adult Essential Skills Open Day – Thursday 21 March