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Information for Employers

Embark on a Transformative Partnership

Elevate Your Workforce through Apprenticeships!

Our apprenticeship programme stands as a beacon for those who recognise the transformative power of hands-on learning, tailored skill development, and a future-ready workforce.

Our apprenticeship programmes are available for:

  • New recruits into an organisation: Providing the opportunity to gain work experience and learn on the job
  • Exisiting employees: Requiring upskilling opportunties to support their ongoing progression within your organisation

Embrace the Future

Partner with us in sculpting a skilled, forward-thinking workforce. Elevate your organisation’s capabilities through apprenticeships that not only invest in the professional growth of your team but also solidify your position as an industry leader.

Key Advantages for Employers:

Strategic Duration

Tailor your investment with apprenticeships spanning 1 to 5 years, aligning precisely with the skill depth your organisation requires.

Diverse Talent Pool

Open your doors to a pool of diverse talents, aged 16 and above, each eager to contribute and learn within your organisational ecosystem.

Integrated Learning

Benefit from a harmonious blend of on-the-job expertise and 6 hours of structured classroom learning per week. Witness your apprentices’ skillsets grow exponentially, guided by nationally recognised qualifications.

Crafted Apprenticeship Standards

Our program adheres to meticulously crafted apprenticeship standards, ensuring that your apprentices acquire not only technical skills but also the behavioural and cognitive acumen essential for success in your specific industry.

Flexibility to Align with Your Goals

We understand the demands of your industry. Our off-the-job training is designed with flexibility in mind—integrated into the workweek, consolidated weekly, or offered as a concentrated block release. Tailor the programme to suit your organisational rhythm seamlessly.

Off-the-Job Training: A Strategic Investment in Your Team’s Growth

As an employer, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future leaders of your industry. The 20% allocated for off-the-job training is a strategic investment in your team’s growth. Curated by Newham College this segment incorporates:

Teaching Theory

Empower your team with in-depth theoretical knowledge through classroom lessons, engaging lectures, and online resources. Arm them with the intellectual prowess to navigate industry challenges.

Practical Training

Bridge the gap between theory and application. Allow your apprentices to shadow experts, receive mentorship, and embark on industry visits, fostering a comprehensive understanding of your operational landscape.

Learning Support and Assignment Time

Ensure your apprentices have dedicated support and time for assignments, solidifying their grasp on the subject matter and reinforcing their commitment to your organisation.

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